HINO SYSTECH forms partnerships with foreign companies to expand its business fields and continue to deliver products and services both in and out of Japan. HINO provides a wide range of services from the initial planning to after sales support. In addition, it offers training courses given by HINO engineers.

Siemens AG (Main Office in Berlin and Munich in Germany) is a global corporation in the electric and electronics industry.

HINO SYSTECH has been designing, manufacturing and selling control panels using the PLC manufactured by Siemens since the beginning of the 1990’s and in 2011, HINO SYSTECH concluded the solution partnership contract with Siemens. HINO SYSTECH will provide automated products fully utilized in every industrial field from the product manufacturing site to the management level.

Low-Voltage Control Equipment
Siemens has downsized the control panels with a product line-up which contributes to a reduced wiring arrangement.
All the control panels conform to the required specifications in many countries. For example, circuit breakers, which conform to IEC/UL/CSA standards and can be employed universally.
Industrial Automation System
Siemens provides a diverse number of CPU and I/O products for a wide range of applications, with PLCs that have excellent flexibility and expandability.
Siemens provides duplex PLC systems where a unique event synchronization method and a hot standby method have been employed.
Safety Control System
Siemens provides safe PLCs where the standard control program can be used together with the safety control program, and both the standard communication and safety communication have been achieved on the same network.
Siemens’s safety related products have obtained TUV certificates and conform to the highest levels of international safety related standards.
Integrating the safety related control into the general control, provides high-level safety and flexibility, which creates an effective engineering environment.
Server duplex or client/server system can easily be built.
Integrating it into the PLC development environment maximizes development effects such as in tag sharing or diagnostic message automatic preparation function.

HINO SYSTECH provides several globally recognized products such as an Emergency Shutdown System ( ESD ), a Burner Management System ( BMS ) and a Fire & Gas System ( F&G ), with the partnership of a German company, HIMA. All of which are popular and well known for their reliability.

HINO SYSTECH’s technologically advanced engineering allows the company to meet client demands not only for the selection of the machines, but also for the system plan, design, manufacturing, operation and any adjustments that may be required.

The systems that base the manufacturing on international standards, can be integrated with the main DCS systems.
For instance, using the standards such as OPC, PROFIBUS and Foundation Filed Bus ( under development ), HINO SYSTECH can provide a superior solution with the use of advanced technologies.

HIMA’s reliable three systems

MS System
Minimum system with CPU and self-diagnosis function ( SIL3 / AK6 certified )
HS System
Highly reliable 2OUT OF4 ( QMR9 ) system with dual CPU and self-diagnosis function.
HRS System
Highly reliable system, including all the features of the HS system, plus doubled I/O.
Principle of H41q / H51q
When a general system such as the 2003/triplicated was used, only an expensive and inflexible solution could be made available. A general failure-tolerant system that guarantees a safety level of up to SIL3 / AK6, requires an expensive configuration with up to 3 channels. The functional restrictions based on this configuration, such as operation time constraints, occurred from a failure in a channel, which caused degradation in operation efficiency. However, HIMA developed HIQuad technology and found a way to enhance the safety control efficiency for mission critical processes. As well as genetic clue, HIQuad Technology was able to come up with an optimum solution with respect to efficiency.

The Programmable Electronic System ( PES ) in the H41q / H51q system group, is used mainly in the chemical & petrochemical energy industries. Applicable systems include the High Pressure Protection System ( HIPPS ), the Emergency Shutdown System ( ESD ), the Fire & Gas System ( F&G ), the Burner Management System ( BMS ), the Reactor Monitoring & Control, the Pipe Line Monitoring & Control, the Power Plant Control, the Loading System and Water Treatment System Control, etc.

* HIQuad Technology adapts the 2004 / QMR ( Quadruple Module ) configuration designed by HIMA, responding to the special requirements in the processing industry. Each central unit has a dual processor. These processors are checked with each other with a result comparison that is within a nanosecond. This level of preciseness enables the SIL3/AK6 class safety level in both mono-system and full-length system.

EPLAN Software & Services LLC, a German company, was established in 1985. More than 32,000 sets of their main product “ESPLAN” have been sold in some ten countries around the world. In particular, this software plays an active role as the world standard for control design support CAE / CAD software in the automobile, machine tool and food processing fields.

HINO SYSTECH introduced ESPLAN in 1994 which provides a world standard control design support CAE / CAD system with the partnership of EPLAN Software & Services LLC ( German ). HINO SYSTECH started EPLAN training courses, given by the control engineers, which deals with various operations from design to document preparation and control panel manufacturing.

HINO SYSTECH provides high-quality fire detection and gas detection systems manufactured by Detector Electronics Corp., an American company.
HINO SYSTECH, as a representative of Detector Electronics Corp. makes the products available for sale in Japan, including all services and support.

As a system integrator of GE Fanuc package software iFD, HINO SYSTECH provides PA ( Process Automation ) / FA ( Factory Automation ) Monitoring & Control Systems. The engineers of HINO SYSTECH are able to respond to the requirements from clients not only for the design, manufacturing and operation adjustment, but also for system expansion.

Appleton/ATX is an explosion-proof equipment brand with a rich product group, the backbone of which is Emerson, a world-scale electric and electronic equipment manufacturer located in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA. As an Emerson-certified company, we design, assemble and inspect their products in Japan. We have shortened delivery times and reduced prices drastically in a situation where long lead time and the high prices of foreign explosion-proof equipment was previously an issue.