Design & Development

1.Design, development

Thanks to sharing rich achievements, advanced technology, outstanding suggesting ability from the headquarters and re-using such achievements, We, Hino Systech Vietnam will provide customers with High quality products and services from the proposed system of automatic production lines to the design of control panels, service and maintenance. 

Hino Systech’s headquarters is home for the engineers of process automation systems, factory automation systems, accounting for two thirds of total employees.

The safety system according to IEC61508 and IEC61511 standards are structured by the Functional Safety Engineers certified by TUV. Hino Systech Vietnam can carry out the design according to the certifications and certificates possessed by Hino Systech headquarters as mentioned above on to meet customers’ demand.

2. Propose control systems and production management systems 

Thanks to linking with the headquarters, Hino Systech Vietnam is proposing a control system and a production management system that has added the latest computer control and monitoring system into the process automation system, factory automation systems which are being provided to many customers.

In recent years, the field of computer and communication has grown strongly, and it is hard to cope with the rapid development of techniques.

In addition to the previous techniques, we are actively striving to apply the latest techniques to provide customers with various systems meeting our customers’ demand such as large scale systems using DCS, to small-scale systems using versatile computers and simple remote monitoring systems that can be structured at low costs.

In addition, Hino headquarters is also conducting on-site investigations such as supplementing and replacing functions for old devices that are not provided with the built-in control and supervision function.

In addition, we are also experienced in ESD (Emergency shutdown system) for process automation such as oil refinery plants, petrochemicals or gas plants,…for many years.

Hino Systech Vietnam has taken advantage of various knowledge from the long experience and achievements of the headquarters to provide customers with the same services as Hino Systech headquarters.

Recently, ESD based safety measures have been focused and we will recommend the latest ESD system based on the long experience and achievements to meet this requirement.

3. Structure, system design

Hino Systech Vietnam will appoint the engineers with qualification matching each project, managing and operating the project to act as the engineers in charge.

Engineers work closely with customers in various fields such as intermittent control, batch control, or computerized production management systems, electrical heating systems, to structure and design the most suitable system.

4. The latest computer control system considers both safety and scale

We provide overall control system combined from control PCs, log storage servers, distance measuring devices to PLCs, instrument control panels, dynamic control panels.

We will recommend the most suitable system according to customer requirements based on the hardware and software of PCs, servers, PLCs.

5. Rich PLC product line

The headquarters has gained achievements in designing the use of all types of PLCs. Hino Systech Vietnam, a member of the Group will be shared by the headquarters with such achievements, and can apply such achievements to its operations.

We has gained achievements in designing various PLCs such as Siemens, Rockwell (Arlen Bradley), ABB, HIMA, and Mitsubishi, Omron, Fuji electric machines being used in highly reliable systems. Therefore, the most suitable PLC thanks to the characteristics of the system is recommended.

The latest PLC with its functions have been diversified, in addition to the sequence logic function, it is also equipped with the same signal processing function, the internal program function, by using these functions that will be able to monitor and manage the production equipment. Hino Systech Vietnam gained achievements and know-how thanks to PLC of functional diversification, which can meet vảious requirements of customers.

6. SCADA system

We recommend SCADA system that is mostly suitable to customers, optimizing scale and cost. We will provide IFIX of GE Intelligent Platforms, which are being used in manufacturing plants around the world, and designing SCADA systems being used at home and abroad.

JoyWatcher Suite is a process monitoring tool that has integrated information systems and monitoring systems. (SCADA / HMI)

With development tools that are possible to easily structure the monitoring systems for various purposes, which can be structured from units of machines and equipment to the large-scale monitoring systems such as manufacturing plants and building equipment,…

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