Instrumentation & Electric Works

Measuring Equipment & Electrical Works

By sharing knowledge with its headquarters, Hino Systech Vietnam will be able to provide electrical works such as dynamic control at factories, construction sites, geodesic equipment such as meters, and dispersal control systems from small to medium scale to large scale. We also support the renovation of the on-site control panel regardless of whether it is a product of our company or another company’s product. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any question. Our engineers will be willing to work with you to make the best proposal.

1. Design and construction of measuring equipment and electrical works

Hino Systech Headquarters provides various systems from information systems for factory measuring equipment or building measuring equipment to equipment management, as well as design and construction of measuring equipment and electrical works such as installation of control panels, installation of electric conduits, cable racks, cable ducts, cable arrangements and connections, installation and replacement of machines.

Hino Systech Vietnam also associates with the headquarter to carry out the design and construction of the above-mentioned measuring equipment and electrical works.

2. Construction management

In order to ensure that the construction of electrical works is smooth and qualified, it is necessary to develop the construction plan of electrical works and manage the stages and quality control at the construction site. Therefore, it is necessary to be proficient in all fields such as understanding and complying with construction law, other laws, construction management, stage management, quality management, safety management.

Hino Systech Group possesses the technical workers who can supervise all the management and operation at the site, can promote high application capacity related to electrical works to conduct the duties of direction, supervision, and HSV that can use these workers as it is necessary.

3. Renovation of site control panel

Hino Systech Vietnam can carry out the renovation and repair due to the additional installation or expansion of equipment for both its products and products of other companies.

We meet our customers’ various requirements, from replacing parts such as sensors and transmitters to keeping them safe and well operational, from changing relays to sequencers, from switches to sensing controllers.

When working at the construction site, safety is mostly important, so after thorough discussions with customers, we shall carry out validation of the working environment, work content and operation sequence carefully and meticulously so as not to affect the operating equipment.

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