As the equipment system becomes more modern, the centralized management control panel of all control machines will require high operability, high reliability and high durability. Hino Systech Vietnam is designing and manufacturing a required main distribution switchboard in the automation of factory equipment and minimizing the overall labor from hardware to software.

Metal sheet

We manufacture any product that is deemed to be necessary from large-scale products with internal aisles, tables, racks, boxes, products of specific shape and size to types of small metal components.

In addition to ordinary cold rolled steel sheets (SPC), hot rolled steel sheets (SPH), we can also produce products that have used galvanized steel sheets (SGCC, SECC), stainless products (SUS304, SUS316 ).


Hino Systech Vietnam not only corresponds to standard coatings such as coatings along with melamine coating, modified epoxy coating, urethane drying, but also specific coatings.


We applied strict standards for film thickness, substrate treatment, surface treatment of coating quality, and receive appreciation on corrosion resistance in various fields such as indoors, outdoors, seas and special environment …

Installation, wiring

At the headquarters factory, skilled employees are assembling and wiring of the control panel.

As most assembly and wiring is carried out in the same position as the design base, any changes or design or manufacturing problems can quickly resolved.

Hino Systech Vietnam aims to provide the products similar to the ones manufactured at the headquarters based on the control panel manufacturing technology of the headquarters and the cooperation of the control panel manufacturer in Vietnam.




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