HINO SYSTECH VIETNAM provides products matching the environment of customers.

As the products manufactured by our company play an important and essential function in your systems, we produce them very carefully so that there is no any error in all stages of the design to manufacture.

SCADA System

Currently, the enterprise is promoting the sharing of information between factories to minimize costs and improve productivity. In addition, in order to safely manufacture high quality products, it is very important to quickly capture information at the working site.

To resolve such issues, HINO’s headquarters obtained an integrated certification of packing software system (IFIX) from Intellusion, the world’s leading system software group. System engineers at HINO headquarters got intensive experience and achievements in developing this packing software system (IFIX) in drug, food, gas, kerosene, and electricity manufacturing plants, we can meet all requirements of customer.

HINO SYSTECH VIETNAM is also complying with the certified standards of HINO headquarters mentioned above and taking advantage of the rich experience of the headquarters so we will be able to meet the requirements of customers in Vietnam.

HINO SYSTECH VIETNAM’s engineers who are well-trained at the headquarters will be able to develop products in a short time on the development environment with IFIX of which various graphic tools and libraries have been prepared.  

This is an environment that can respond from an independent system to a large-scale monitoring system, in addition, can also flexibly respond to the system expansion.

Instrumented Panel & Control Rack

The Control panel of measuring equipment is the heart of the process control, the center of the robotic interface.

Hino Systech Vietnam provides a high quality control panel, meeting the requirements for ease of use, ease of maintenance, durability and complete documentation.

Control Panel

In terms of control panel, we provide a comprehensive selection from PCL, relays suitable to the needs, creating connection diagrams, radar lists, comprehensive testing based on simulated input and output.

In addition, we can also produce control cabinets (cabinets) to manage the air being used in many factories.

Local Control Panel

For field-installed control panels, the conditions surrounding the installation site are a big problem.

When installing, it is necessary to consider various conditions such as whether it is a hazardous position, whether indoors or outdoors, whether it contains corrosive gases, whether there is dirt or not, high or low temperatures, whether there is any penetration of small animals, whether an object can be blown away by the wind.

Hino Systech Vietnam both clearly defined such conditions and provided the control panel according to standards of NEC, NEMA, NFPA …

Power Distribution Panel

We manufacture distribution switchboards according to standards of JIS, JEC, JEM and IEC IP-42, 52 …

You can trust and assign HSV including the busbars from high pressure load center to the low pressure load center, the motor control center.

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