SCADA System

At present, information sharing has been promoted in the plants for cost reduction and enhancing productivity in the companies. It becomes important for us to obtain high level information in the manufacturing site for the safe production of higher quality products.

For the above solution, HINO SYSTECH Viet Nam obtained certification from the package software ( iFIX ) System Integrator of Intellusion, the world leading system software corporation. The control system engineers of HINO SYSTECH have extensive experience of system development using this package software ( iFIX ) in the medicine, foods, gas, petrochemical and power generation plants. Therefore we can ensure that we can respond fully to the needs of the clients.

The development environment using iFIX has various graphic tools and libraries to reduce the total development time.
In this environment, a wide range of development from stand-alone systems to large scale monitoring systems can be materialized. Also it is has the flexibility to handle system expansion.

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