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Hino Systech Viet Nam

We, Hino Systech Vietnam, a company specializes in designing and manufacturing control systems that are mainly control panels, main distribution switchboards of factory equipment, machinery equipment. The company was established in 2015 in Hanoi, Vietnam as a branch in Asia, Hino Systech in Japan is the parent company. We are that are mainly Vietnamese engineers in charge of designing control panels, PLC software, SCADA software. As of establishment in 1950 in Japan, Hino Systech headquarters has focused on becoming a control system manufacturer. With a history of formation and development for more than half a century, we have developed unique products and possessed our own know-how about process equipment and control equipment, our products are being used in plants around the world such as petrochemical plants, gas plants. Currently, Hino Systech is headquartered in Japan and is expanding outside the country where the group companies (Hino Systech Group) such as Hino Systech Vietnam are located.

Hino Systech Vietnam, as a member of Hino Systech group, inherits the techniques, experience and know-how of its headquarters, providing products and services in Vietnam with quality. same as headquarters.

Our engineers

All employees are Vietnamese engineers. Only engineers who have been trained at Hino Systech’s headquarters in Japan and met Hino’s technical standards can work at Hino Vietnam. In addition, we also try to periodically send employees to train and work at Hino Systech headquarters to maintain and improve technical capacity.

We undertake to provide services and products with “Japanese quality” in Vietnam.

Our main business

In Vietnam, we carry out the following main activities.

  1. Design

We are not only assigned by Hino Systech headquarters but also assigned by control panel manufacturing company, equipment manufacturing company … to design control panels, power lines inside control panels such as power lines, PLC programming, SCADA system structure and design.

  1. Maintenance of control panels

We not only design, manufacture but also support the service and maintenance of control panels. Although everyday control panel is still operating normally, its parts may be aging after using while it cannot be verified by sight. Thereof, the operation of the entire plant is likely to stop, so service and maintenance for prevention are being cared. By sharing rich techniques, experience and know-how accumulated at Hino Systech headquarters, Hino Systech Vietnam will be able to support the implementation of “maintenance”.

  1. Design, fabrication, inspection and delivery of control panels

We provide products according to the quality standards of Hino Systech headquarters.  

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